CBD and what it can do for you !

With an array of online stores selling their own ‘magic CBD’ products. How can you be sure you are buying the correct oil for you ? 
At Bodyfix CBD I pride myself in having weekly interaction from factory to my shop door. We are issued separate batch numbers for each stock that I’d delivered and their laboratory certification, that you, the consumer can request at any time. 
What is the difference between strengths / % of the oil 
CBD strength is just like alcohol strength the % is the measure of alcohol you are consuming with each dose. Just as we all react, adjust, metabolise alcohol individually. It is the same with CBD oil. I stock 10% and 20% as I like to keep things simple. And feel most results can be achieved suitable with either strength by adjusting dosage for each individual’s needs, wants and circumstances. 
I offer guidance & advice throughout your journey were my expertise allow 🙏🏻